Welcome to the latest Chair’s blog and the first of 2019 providing the recent achievements from MTHA from a business and Board perspective.

Headlines from the last Board meeting at the end of January include:

  1. The management accounts showed that as a business MTHA is performing well and ahead of target.
  2. The rent setting policy was reviewed as Welsh Government had set the maximum that rent could be increased by a housing association in Wales for 2019/20 at the Consumer Price Index (CPI) level of 2.4%. In recent years housing associations were able to uplift upto an additional 1.5% so Board considered the impact that this would have on future income and how much is available to spend on the services we provide and the new homes that we can provide for the local communities of Merthyr Tydfil.
  3. All the homes in Taff and Crescent Street as well as Rechabite Hall owned by MTHA are now empty ready to be transferred and then demolished by Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council (MTCBC).
  4. The Board and staff teams at MTHA are keen to learn from previous work, such as developing new homes  – what works, what doesn’t, what did the tenants like or dislike whether it be about the home or the process in which they went through to finally being in their new home. One of these feedback sessions came from our external project manager on a development scheme who talked us through the reasons for the delay in a recent new build scheme. Interesting for Board was that despite all the checks that you are able to do on a contractor or the consultants involved in the development there are always risks and each development even with the same team involved can be very different. A future discussion for Board and the senior team will be about what further checks can be done if possible or reasonable to minimise risks in delay going forward. Any delay in a development can mean less income in rent and the cost of the development being more than what was budgeted, as well as delays for tenants moving into their new homes.

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